Hi! I’m Nicholas Nolte, the founder of Noltech Outdoors. I make really cool quilts for backpacking because I thought I could make a better quilt than anything else on the market. And ya know what? I was right. Then I decided it was selfish of me to keep my superior designs all to myself, so I started this store.

I grew up outdoors, camping and fishing was a major part of my childhood. After high school I joined the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. During my 5 years of service I deployed on 2 different aircraft carriers and reached the rank of E-4. My next adventure was in South Texas, I got a job working on offshore fishing boats. This lead to an opportunity to spend a few months chasing sailfish in Puerto Juarez, a small town near Cancun Mexico.

Then, time came to make a decision to get more serious about life. I decided to use my GI Bill benefits to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I graduated in December of 2014 while also working as a manufacturing engineer. I then had an opportunity to join a project working on the Iridium 2 satellite constellation. Currently I am employed as a laboratory engineer for an aerospace engineering company.

While in college I developed a fascination with astronomy. During my 2nd year an amazing professor explained how the sun worked and it blew my mind. I became involved in the astonomy club at my school and began organising camping trips in extremely rural areas to get away from the light pollution of the city. I began to fall more and more in love with just being outdoors, all the equipment and comforts of “car camping” or “glamping” started to take away from the experience of just being outdoors. I started selling my astronomy equipment and purchasing backpacking equipment instead. I began to seek more and more remote places and beautiful scenery. The first year of my backpacking passion I hiked in The Grand Canyon, Zion and Glacier National Parks.

I absolutely fell in love with Glacier. My first trip up there was a solo 35 mile, 3 day hike. It started at Lake McDonald, to Snyder Lake where I stayed the night. Then over the pass at the now destroyed Sperry Chalet, past Lake Ellen Wilson, over Gunsite Pass and then down to Gunsite Lake. That day was a killer hike! The final day I hiked up to the Going to the Sun Road and took the bus back to my car. I went again in 2017, this time with 2 other hikers. We had originally planed a 6 day 60 mile hike but due to not so great weather and a foot injury we turned back and made other plans. It ended up being an amazing 4 day ~35 mile hike. I am currently planning my 2018 trip into the park and building a camping vehicle that can take me to the places I need to be!

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