Martín and Demian (Rochester, NY)

Two friends used topquilts from Noltech on their backpacking trip to the Andes Mountains in Peru. See what they thought about the quilts and how they compared to normal sleeping bags.

Brent Fritz (Franklin, TN)

In 2016 I decided that I would attempt a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail which spans from Georgia to Maine passing through 14 states. The beginning of my adventure was rough going as I was getting used to being out in the elements and straining my body everyday. Weeks went by and hiking became easier and for the first time, everything was perfect. Shortly after I entered Virginia, I hitch hiked into a close by trail town by the name of Glasgow; maybe one of the worst possible things happened in this town, all of my gear was stolen. Long story short, the gear was never found and I would have to buy everything again. I made my way to Roanoke, Virginia and found a temporary home with some amazing people. The story of my gear getting stolen spread through the town and hikers and supporters helped me in every way they could. A local hiking store posted my story on social media and through the magic of the internet, a man I consider a trail angel (someone who helps thru-hikers in a tremendous way) by the name of Nick Nolte reached out to me. Nick told me of the company he is starting focusing in lightweight quilts made out of a down material. Nick was generous enough to send me a prototype of one of his quilts for free and I was ecstatic! We arranged for him to send me the quilt to a future location along the trail. As soon as I received his quilt I fell in love, it was the perfect size and incredibly light weight. Nick told me the quilt was rated for 35 degrees and that was the truth. I carried his quilt from Virginia into Vermont, through that period of time I had some very chilly nights. Because I was packing and unpacking my gear multiple times a day for months, everything gets torn up. Nicks quilt held very well and at the end of three months of hiking with his quilt, there was only a one-inch tear at the bottom because I laid on the bear ground on top of rocks and debris. Over those three months, the quilt easily became my favorite piece of gear. To me, sleeping was one of the most important parts of this whole trip and Nicks quilt provided me with a warm comfortable sleep every night. I believe that the Appalachian Trail may be the best gear test possible; gear is pushed to its limits everyday through the mud, rain, heat, and the cold. As an experienced hiker and back country explorer, I would not recommend any other quilt! Nicks generosity and dedication to his product enabled me to finish my journey and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Jason Prinster (Bellingham, WA)

Hey I was going to let you know we used your quilts all last summer and on the JMT and they worked great! Perfect weights for summer. I was worried about durability because the things are so light but out of the four you made for us only one sprung a leak but it was easily patched. Hoping to get several more seasons out of them. Hope your business is doing well!